Kevin Zhu

Wheeler 200 • W 12-1pmConceptual

Hey! I'll focus on deeply explaining the intuition behind various algorithms, providing problem-solving insights for exams, and occasionally I'll talk about how to apply skills learned in this class to SWE interviews. The class will be a mixture of mini-lecture and solving problems. For the maximum benefit, it would be best to have at least skimmed lecture/DPV before the section, but the section should still be useful regardless.

Andrew Che

Dwinelle 79 • W 1-2pmProblem-solving

My teaching philosophy is that practice makes perfect, so in my section we will be spending more time going through discussion problems following brief mini-lectures.

Kevin Li

Wheeler 224 • W 1-2pmExam Prep

Alternate Wednesdays

Adnaan Sachidanandan

Wheeler 108 • W 2-3pmStandard

My discussion is very focused on core understanding. I spend 1/2-2/3 of the time in mini lecture diving deeper into the concepts we learn in class to strengthen students' foundation in each week's topics, tying in small questions to check your understanding as we go (participation is heavily encouraged!). Then, I select a few of the discussion worksheet's problems of greatest relevance to work through.

Wilson Wu

Hearst Memorial Gym 242 • W 2-3pmStandard

I'll generally spend around the first 10-20 minutes on a mini lecture to review that week's content, then focus on the worksheet for the rest of section.

Cindy Zhang

Cory 289 • W 3-4pmProblem-solving

I tend to start discussions with a short mini-lecture. I let students work on problems individually before walking through the solution. I don't really ask for much participation, other than asking if students need more time, and I encourage lots of questions. 

Tyler Hou

Etcheverry 3109 • W 4-5pmLeetcode

Elicia Ye

Wheeler 130 • Th 11-12pmConceptual

What best serves the class :) Feedback is always welcome, much appreciated, very needed

Cindy Zhang

Remote • Th 12-1pmStandard


Reena Yuan

Etcheverry 3113 • Th 1-2pmProblem-solving

I think mini-lecturing is good for refreshing the material while problem-solving solidifies understanding and builds confidence. Also, participation and collaboration are super important.

Tynan Sigg

Soda 310 • Th 4-5pmConceptual

I try to run interactive discussion sections whose content can vary a lot based on student feedback and questions. Expect detailed mini-lectures mixed with group work on 1-2 problems!

Adnaan Sachidanandan

Cory 258 • Th 5-7pmLOST