For logistics and administrative questions, please email cs170@ (a private email that is only seen by the head TAs and professors).
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Prof. Prasad Raghavendra

raghavendra@ • website

Office Hours: Thurs 11am-12pm @ Soda 623

Prof. Satish Rao

satishr@ • website

Office Hours: Mon 10am-11am @ Soda 687


David Vendrow

Head TA • davidv@

Hi! I’m a fourth year EECS major and this is my third semester teaching CS 170. I enjoy lifting and eating chicken.

Dee Guo

Head TA • deeguo@

Hello! I am a fourth year CS major from California. I like penguins. And algorithms!

Max Ovsiankin

Head TA • maxov@ • website

Hello, I’m excited to teach for you all! I really like CS theory and math. You may see me thinking about these topics and more while going on a long walk with tea in hand. My other interests include music, pop philosophy, hacking, hiking, lifting, and eating my corn in rows.

Emaan Hariri

Project TA • ehariri@

Hi everyone, I’m Emaan! I’m a fourth-year CS & Stats major from Orange County, CA! I love eating, reading, watching Netflix, and enjoying the outdoors (and algorithms)! CS 170 is my favorite class at Berkeley, and hopefully, by the end of the semester, it will be yours too!

Julia Luo

Project TA • julialuo@

Hi there! I’m Julia, a senior studying EECS from London, Ontario, Canada (it’s near Toronto). I love playing soccer, climbing, snowboarding, hitting the gym, dog spotting, and algorithms (obviously) — come talk to me about any of these things :)

Neha Kunjal

Project TA • nkunjal@

Hi! I’m a senior computer science major from the South Bay. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with friends, and exploring places. I also love meeting new people, and reading! Feel free to recommend me a book and/or talk about anything from algorithms to cats! :)

Ajay Raj


One delight, we hear, is teaching CS 170 (4)

Arpita Singhal


Hi Everyone! I’m a fourth year studying Computer Science and Bioengineering, hailing from the heart of Silicon Valley. I am passionate about the intersection of technology and medicine. Outside of class, I enjoy dancing, reading up on political issues, playing tennis, and hanging out with friends. I look forward to meeting you all, and hope you enjoy CS 170 as much as I did! :)

Avni Singhal


Hi! I’m a fourth year materials science and bioengineering major. I like food, music, reading, puzzles, hiking and (sometimes) algorithms. Hope to help make this semester great!

Carlo Cruz-Albrecht

carlo@ • website

hiya! I’m a senior studying CS+DS. When not consuming lectures at x2 speed, I like traveling, listening to podcasts, and rewatching stranger things. I think algorithms are the bomb but even if you’re not a fan, I’m looking forward to having a good time with y’all this semester!

Claire Zhang


Hi! I am third year CS and Math student. I love drinking tea and I am excited about robotics (when it works)!

Gillian Chu


Hi! I’m Gillian, a fourth-year CS student. I love baking, singing too loudly in the car, going to the gym, puzzles and games, thinking about Computational Biology and spending time with people sometimes. I hope you learn to love algorithms, but I will talk to you even if you don’t. Here to help you have a great semester :)

Henry Sun


A super exciting and not generic bio that’s incredibly descriptive and obviously does not come off as having been hodgepodged together within a few minutes, insert hopefully witty joke here - also likes swimming and animation My background is a scene on campus at wonderfully reduced resolution!

Hermish Mehta


Hey, I’m Hermish, a third-year EECS major from Toronto! I’m looking forward to learning more about the beautiful ideas in CS 170 alongside you this semester. I love indie pop, coffee, going on runs and (of course) algorithms!

Ida Liu


Hey everyone! This is Ida who is a junior CS major. I grew up in China and have lived in Singapore. In my free time, I enjoy singing, listening to music and watch musicals/musical films. I recently fell in love with Philz’s Rosé which has completely changed the idea of coffee in my mind. I’m really excited to meet you all and hope you enjoy 170!

Jialin Li


Hi, I’m a junior CS major from Changchun, China! Hope you have a great semester and enjoy CS 170!

Jiazheng Zhao


Heyy! I’m a fourth year CS and Math major. Other than CS theory, I like solving Rubik’s cubes and watching all kinds of movies . If you stay long enough in my section you might see me with that hair in pic.

Jierui Lin


Hi everyone! It would be my last year as an undergraduate here at Berkeley and it’s my third time teaching 170. This is definitely my favorite course! Hope you will enjoy it:)

Kedar Thakkar


Hey everyone! I’m a fourth year studying EECS here at UC Berkeley and I’m excited to be a part of course staff for the upcoming semester. Outside of school, I love playing basketball, hiking, camping, and pretty much anything else in the outdoors. Hope to meet all of you soon and I’m excited for a great semester!

Lynn Chua

Content TA • chualynn@

Hi! I’m a fifth year PhD student interested in cryptography and computational mathematics.

Nate Young


Warning: this class may give you a LaTeX allergy

Noah Krakoff


Hi! I am a 4th year in Engineering Math and Statistics. Some of my favorite stuff I do with my free time includes running, rock climbing and sitting around doing nothing. CS 170 was one of my favorite classes and I think you’ll really enjoy it!

Rishi Veerapaneni


Rishi is a 4th year EECS & Applied Math student from Saratoga CA. When not playing card games, “singing” “songs”, making amazing puns, and saying “Good Morning” at all times of the day, Rishi enjoys studying for classes, coding for research, and attempting to teach students. Rishi would now like to thank the reader for reading his bio and he very much hopes to see them in discussion!

Sean Luchen


ask me about my hat

Tarun Kathuria

Content TA • tarunkathuria@

Hello! I’m a 3rd year PhD student interested in Algorithms, Optimization and High-Dimensional Statistics.

Teddy Tran

teddytheodoretran248@ • website

“Sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot.” -Tom Haverford

Tiffany Chien


Hello! I’m a fourth year CS and Linguistics major. I like complexity theory, probability, and signal processing. I also like ice cream and cats and hammocks.

Varun Jhunjhunwalla


Super excited to teach this Fall! Here are some review slides I made over summer that go over some important concepts that you need for this class: Review slides

Vishnu Iyer

vishnu.iyer@ • website

4th year studying EECS, math, and physics. I love reading, animals, and sports. Currently on a secret mission to convince CS 170 students that theoretical computer science is awesome.


Akash Velu


Hi! I’m a 3rd year EECS student from SoCal. In my free time, I love playing and watching pretty much all sports, playing the piano, and roasting Neil Mohan Reddy Palleti. Feel free to come talk to me about pretty much anything. CS170 is awesome, I hope you all have a fun time taking the class!

Alex Yang


Hello! I’m Alex and I’m a senior studying computer science. I like to go to the gym, rave, and play ping pong.

Amy Hung


Hi! I’m a 3rd year EECS major from the South Bay :) Some of my hobbies include singing (I’m in an acapella group!), exploring new food places, and telling bad jokes that you can’t help laughing at.

Brian Lee


Hi everyone! I am Brian, a third-year CS major. I tend to drink an unhealthy amount of Snapple and Coke Zero, so if you ever catch me gulping them down, either remind me to stop it or poke me if you want to hear why I think they are actually healthy for you. I look forward to a great semester!

Chris Ni


Hi everyone! I’m a fourth year CS and Stats major from Seattle. Apart from school, I like to hike, watch really bad TV shows, and collect Pringles cans.

Christina Baek


I like math, genetics, and music…and teaching!

Christina Jin


Hello! I’m a third-year CS major from Shanghai, China. I’m glad you chose CS 170 because your life would not be complete without taking this course. I love watching plays, and Kimchi Garden.

Drew Kaul


Hi! I’m a third-year EECS major, and I really enjoyed taking CS 170. I’m interested in computer vision and its applications to autonomous driving. In my free time, I keep up with NBA (Rockets are better than the Lakers and Clippers, change my mind), watch 3B1B videos, run, and listen to hardcore country (aka Old Town Road). By the end of this class, you’ll learn that P=NP implies one of two things: either N=1 or P=0.

Dylan Chima-Sanchez


Hi! I’m a third-year CS major from the infernal heats of Sacramento, and if you couldn’t tell, I like algorithms! I return guava-like robots to their rightful owners on my free time and enjoy punditry, European history, and indie games as well. 170 is cool and by the end of the semester, I hope you will join the 170 is cool party.

Jason Lum


Hey I’m Jason, a fourth-year CS student. I like memeing, piano, ramen, and games (board games, video games, strategy games… even if i might not be good XD). Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any cs/algorithms questions or just want to chat!

Jennifer Tsui


Hey I’m Jennifer (she/hers). I’m a 3rd year EECS major; let’s have a great semester!

Jessie Jin


Hi! I’m a third year EECS major from the Central Coast of CA. I enjoy exploring the bay, trying new restaurants, watching Netflix, hitting the gym, and watching Netflix while hitting the gym.

Joe Dangelewicz


Hi! I am a third year EECS major, and I really enjoyed 170! I’m from San Diego, so I love hanging at the beach and being outdoors. Hope you have an enjoyable semester!

Joshua Turcotti


I’m from New York and am currently living in California. Computer Science major and also Math. Probably better at the Computer Science because Math is hard. I love internships!!!

Karen Tu


I’m a 4th year CS & Statistics major. Beyond 170, I enjoy ice skating, Rubik’s cubes, running, and watching an unhealthy amount of kdramas.

Kobe Wang


Dijkstra is a cool word

Manan Khattar


Talk to me about Twilight Struggle

Neil Palleti


Hey everyone! I’m a third-year CS student from Cupertino. I love playing tennis, watching movies, and dancing (I’m on Berkeley’s team, Zahanat). If you want to play tennis, learn how to dance, help me roast Akash Velu, or just want to talk, please feel free to stop by or message me!

Noah Kingdon


Hi! I’m a third-year CS and Math major from the Bay Area. I love rock climbing, playing D&D, listening to podcasts, and algorithms!

Rachel De Jaen


Hi! I’m Rachel, I’m a third-year cs + spanish major from seattle. I like breakfast foods, green salsa, and sometimes green salsa on breakfast foods. and cats!! hope you enjoy 170 !

Rahul Jain


Hey! My name is Rahul Jain! I am a junior double majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I love learning about new math topics and I love Marvel #iloveyou3000 :(. I am a HUGE lakers fan and believe it’s our year #LAbron. I love attempting to be funny with jokes and I love talking so come talk to me anytime :). I hope it’s a GRAPE semester this year (ha ha ha)

Ryan Nuqui


Hi everyone! I’m a third year CS and Applied Math major and Education minor! I enjoy playing board games, reading, exploring cities, and learning CS theory. CS 170 was one of my favorite classes and I hope you enjoy it too!

Shivani Kishnani


A lil sneak peak into the material

Toby Chen


I love graphics programming and low-level stuff, but cs theory is fun too. To keep my head from being preoccupied by academics, I spend most of my time outdoors and at my Christian fellowship.

Tyler VanderLey


Hi everyone! I’m a third year CS major from Burlingame, CA, and CS 170 was one of my absolute favorite classes. In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching sports (especially basketball and football), hiking the Fire Trails, and playing strategy games like Catan and Monopoly Deal. Looking forward to a great semester in 170!

Yajushi Mattegunta


Hi! I am a fourth year EECS major from the Bay :) In my free time, I love to read, watch Netflix, and dance. I’m excited to share my interest in algorithms, but feel free to stop by and chat about anything!

Yalini Prabhakaran


Hi!! I’m a fourth year CS major and GPP minor. I love dessert, yoga, vine compilations and algorithms, of course. 170 is one of my favorite classes at Cal and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!