For logistics and administrative questions, please email cs170@, a private email that is only seen by the head TAs and professors.
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James W. Demmel

Instructor • demmel@ • website

Jelani Nelson

Instructor • minilek@ • website


Ansh Nagda (He/Him)

Head TA • cs170@

Hi! I’m a second year PhD student in the CS theory group. Apart from my primary interests of math and CS theory, I’ve also been getting into origami, table tennis, badminton, and video games. Looking forward to work with you all this semester!

Param Nagda

Head TA • paramnagda@

Hey everyone! I’m an international student from Mumbai. This is my fourth semester on course staff and first semester as Head TA. I love playing spikeball and taking naps on the glade (usually in that order). Come talk to me about life!

Tianchen Liu (He series)

Head TA • tianchenliu@ • website

I was there. I was there when Thom Yorke recorded the vocals of Planet Telex slumped on the floor. I was there when Miles Davis wrote the chords for Kind of Blue on a sheet of napkin. I was there when Herbie laid out that fat bassline on Chameleon. I was there when the Lumière brothers invented Cinema.

Aaron Soll (He/him/his)

TA • aaron.zev@

Greetings algorithmists. My name is Aaron and I am a Senior studying EECS from Orlando, Florida. My interests include hiking, skiing, rock/alternative music, and playing the guitar. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any and all of your algorithmic needs!

Ajit Kadaveru (he/him/his)

TA • ajit.kadaveru@

Hi! I’m a junior CS major from Northern Virginia. My hobbies include basketball, tennis, table tennis, chess, competitive programming, and watching youtube. I hope you enjoy this amazing course at least as much as I did! Please message me about anything, even if it’s just to be friends :) !!!

Alec James (he series)

TA • alehero@

o/ Sup, I’m Alec, I’m from Columbia. Columbia, Missouri that is : ^)
I like anime, though haven’t really watched much lately since 2017. Favorite is probably Mob Psycho 100 or Re: Zero. I play tons of osu! and Beat Saber with Genshin and Honkai on the side, and recently got into Tower of Fantasy. I also play Valorant and Apex casually.

Allison Li

TA • y.allisonli@

Hi! I’m a senior studying CS and Applied Math from San Jose, CA. In my free time, I enjoy going to concerts, playing viola, and watching cooking videos. I hope you have a great time in 170, and feel free to reach out about anything!

Andre He (he/him)

TA • andre.he@

Hi! My name is Andre and I’m a second year CS major from Beijing. I enjoy skiing during the winter and play video games in my free time. I recently hit GM in Overwatch!

Chase Norman

TA • c_@ • website

Hello! I am pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics and a minor in Music. I research automated reasoning and mathematical foundations. In my free time, I play percussion and piano, play chess, write small programs and watch YouTube. My goal is to build an automated theorem prover.

Chris Liu (he him)

TA • chris-liu@ • website

up late and legally obligated to respond to you

Conner Manuel (he series)

TA • manuel.conner.g@ • website

What I say is true. Anyone can cook. But only the fearless can be great.

Dasheng Bi

TA • dbi@ • website

Hello! I’m a fourth-year undergrad majoring in CS, Math, and MCB. I do computational biology and neuroscience research in the Song and Tsao labs on campus. Outside of academics, I enjoy hiking in the hills, reading fiction, and attempting to solve constraint satisfaction problems. Welcome to CS 170!

Eric Che (he/him)

TA • ericche@

Hi, I’m a third year CS major from Cupertino. I love to play the clarinet, cube, and read in my free time. I hope you enjoy CS170!

Evgenii Sizykh (he series)

TA • evsizykh@ • website

I have impostor syndrom because I have no website.

Jamie Hong (she/her/hers)

TA • jamiehong@

Hi - hope you learn a lot of fun things this fall! This is my first time TAing CS 170 🐧; previously, I was one of the head TAs of CS 61A 😸. If not TAing, I might be playing puzzle games, fiddling with split keyboards, or doodling. Best of luck for the semester!

Jonathan Guo (he/him/his)

TA • jonguo6@ • website

Hi! I’m a third year EECS major from Portland, Oregon. I like math, coding, and algorithms. Outside of school, I enjoy running, walking, and watching football. Feel free to email me about anything!

Jonny Pei (He/Him/His)

TA • jonnypei@ • website

Hi! I’m a sophomore studying EECS + Statistics from the Bay Area. Here are some of my interests: algorithms, machine learning, random processes, astrophysics, anime, kdramas, league, water polo, weight lifting, hiking, and food (especially bananas and sushi). I can’t wait to meet you this semester, and feel free to reach out whenever!

Michael Yu (he/him)

TA • michaelyu15@

heyo! i’m a junior studying CS from florida and this is my 2nd time on course staff. My interests are dance, volleyball, basketball, protein, and nintendo - reach out to me about any one of these. Here’s to a great semester :))

Ramanan Abeyakaran (He/Him)

TA • ram.abey2001@ • website

Hey everyone! My name is Ramanan, and I’m a CS and Stats student from Atlanta, GA. I love soccer (PSG Fan), tennis and cooking, and I love CS 170! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at all or just want to talk :)

Reena Yuan

TA • reenayuan@

Hi! I’m a senior EECS major from Brookfield, Wisconsin. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, cooking/baking, and lately watching Nathan For You and The Rehearsal. Talk to me about anything, excited to meet you all!

Richard Wu (he/him)

TA • richardhwu@

Hello, my name is Richard and I’m a 3rd year majoring in CS and Math. I love learning about algorithms and CS theory. Outside of CS, I love hiking, running, swimming, and just hanging out with friends.

Ruomu Xu (he/him/his)

TA • xuyimo@ • website

Hi folks! I’m a fourth year Legal Studies student from Shandong, China. I am a CS:GO and KanColle player₍₍(ง˘ω˘)ว⁾⁾, and a reader of A Certain Magical Index. (pfp is Fubuki Kai Ni)
I have written a truly marvellous bio that this margin is too narrow to contain.

Shalin Brahmbhatt (he/him/his)

TA • sbrahmbhatt1@

Gotta say, thought this class was about Al Gore’s rhythm and looked forward to a climate change rap, shame. Anyway, I’m Shalin - transfer student, social good enthusiast, and all around nuisance. I love photography, cooking fun recipes, trying new outfits, New Girl, and rewatching ATLA for the 10th time. If you’re interested in talking about any of these things,,or 170 of course,,, reach out : )

Viraj Ramakrishnan (he/him)

TA • virajramakrishnan@

Hey! I’m Viraj, and I’m really looking forward to teaching y’all 170! Outside of class, I like to play guitar, sing, go for runs, and make eclectic and strangely named spotify playlists. See you soon!

Wilson Wu

TA • nosliw@ • website

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Wilson Who?
Wilson Wu, not Wilson Who. Anyway I’m a third year CS major, and this is my third semester on course staff. Hope you have a great semester!


Aashray Khanna (he/him/his)

Reader • aashrayk@

Hey everyone! My name is Aashray and I’m a senior transfer student from a lil suburb in Michigan. Outside of CS, I am super interested in public policy, film, and gaming. Feel free to reach out and talk to me about anything, course-related or otherwise!

Andrew Huang (he/him/his)

Reader • andrewhuang56@

Hello! I am very excited to be a CS 170 reader this semester. I am a second-year math and CS major from New England who also enjoys playing tennis and card games and finding places with quality AC. If you want to talk with someone about CS 170 as a whole, theoretical CS, or anything else, feel free to contact me!

Anirban Sarkar (he/him series)

Reader • sarkar@

Hi! I’m Anirban, a third year EECS major originally from Okemos, Michigan(best state in the Midwest.) My main hobbies include playing tennis, watching NFL games and playing fantasy football, watching anime (One Piece and Gintama are goated), and trying new food places. Looking forward to meeting y’all! Feel free to reach out about anything :)

Archit Raichura (he series)

Reader • archit@

Hey I’m Archit! I’m a junior majoring in CS (and maybe stats idk) from Fremont. In my free time I play/watch/obsess over ultimate frisbee, football (the American kind…) and basketball. Feel free to reach out, about the class or not!

Arjun Patrawala (he/him)

Reader • arjunpatrawala@ • website

Hey! I’m a sophomore from the Bay Area studying CS + math. I enjoy learning, teaching, big ideas, and good discussions. More cool things: cooking, running, programming, card games, music, photography, machine learning, and more things I cannot remember right now.

Bryan Chu (he/him)

Reader • bryanchu8@

Hi! I’m a junior studying CS from Saratoga, California. In my free time, I like to be active and exerciese as well as binge kdramas. I’m also a big basketball fan (Go Warriors) and football fan. Feel free to reach out to me about anything, 170 related or not!

Colin Cai (he/him/his)

Reader • cai9@

Hi! My name is Colin and I’m a third year EECS major from Vancouver, BC, Canada. In my free time, I like eating, cooking, and playing games. CS170 was one of my favorite courses here at Berkeley, so hope you all enjoy this class as much as I did! :)

Derek Tan (he/him)

Reader • derektan@

Hey everyone! I’m a junior studying EECS and Business, and I’m from San Jose. I love being active–I grew up playing competitive badminton, and for fun I work out, golf, and play basketball. I also enjoy playing piano and guitar, video games, and eating good food. I love meeting new people so don’t hesitate to reach out ever, and let’s have a great semester!

Ernest Lu

Reader • ernest@

Hi! I’m a second year CS major from Dallas, TX. I like lifting and playing TFT. Hope you enjoy the course!

Gavin Yu

Reader • gavinyu2003@

Hi there! I’m Gavin, a sophomore majoring in computer science. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, playing poker, and exploring new places. Feel free to reach out if any or none of those describe you. Can’t wait to meet you all this semester!

Hanson Li (he/him)

Reader • hansonli@

Hey! I’m a third-year EECS major from Davis, CA! In my free time I love to listen to music, play anything from Riot Games, and try new food. Here’s what I’ve been listening to recently (free points if our music taste overlaps):

Huy Tran (he/him)

Reader • huytran@

Hello! I’m a third year CS major from the Bay Area. I like telling computer what to do to solve problem fast. In all seriousness, I hope you all have a great time in 170!

Kehan Li (she/her)

Reader • kehanli@

Hi! I’m a junior majoring in Computer Science. I was born in China and also lived in Germany for a long time. In my free-time I enjoy dancing, playing card games and watching reality shows, but feel free to ask me about anything :) Really excited to be meeting you all this semester!

Kevin Xu (he/him)

Reader • kxu144@

Hi! I’m Kevin, your average LP enjoyer. Hoping you have a great semester!

Liam Tan (He/him)

Reader • liam.tan@

Hello. I am Liam. I’m from San Diego and I’m studying computer science. I like running, lifting, and eating. I can help you with cs 170 algorithms! Reach out if you need anything.

Michael Lam (He, him, his)

Reader •

Hi everyone! I’m a 3rd year EECS major from Folsom, California. When I’m not stressing over schoolwork, I like to swim, read, sleep, and waste time browsing through random videos on YouTube. I really enjoyed this class when I took it, and I hope you do too! Feel free to reach out to me!

Parth Asawa (he/him/his)

Reader • pgasawa@

Hi! I’m a second year majoring in EECS and Business Administration from the Bay Area and NJ. I do research/work in Adversarial ML and NLP and enjoy using software to build things. I love playing ultimate frisbee, bouldering, social deduction board games, and vibing to Coldplay. I hope all of you enjoy the material and CS 170 as much as I did!

Riley Peterlinz (He/Him)

Reader • rpeterlinz@

Welcome to CG 3.15.20 - Algorythm

Rohan Chauhan (He/Him)

Reader • rmchauhan03@

Hi, I’m a third-year CS and Math major from SoCal. I enjoy watching TV, playing poker and hanging out with friends. Looking forward to getting to know all of you this semester!

Ryan Zhu (he/him)

Reader • ryanzhu@

Heyo! I’m a third year CS major from SoCal interested in algorithms, complexity, and linguistics. I love eating food, solving puzzles, playing rougelites, programming for fun, and speaking in toki pona! Looking forward to a great semester! :D

Sean Yang (he/him)

Reader • szyang@

Hey all! I’m a sophomore studying CS and Stats. If you plan on visiting any bouldering gyms this year it’s illegal not to reach out to me. I’m also interested in distance running and swimming occasionally. I have no doubt all of you will have a great year!

Shawn Zhao (he/him/his)

Reader • shzhao@

Hi! I’m a third year from the D.C. area studying EECS. Outside of academics, I love video games (osu!, Genshin Impact, TFT, CSGO/Valorant), table tennis, and anime. Hope you all have a good semester in CS170, and feel free to reach out to me!

Sowmya Thanvantri (she/her)

Reader • sowmya.thanvantri@

Hi! I’m Sowmya and I’m a third year studying CS and I’m also super interested in physics. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, listening to r&b/reggaeton, and eating acai bowls. Feel free to reach out anytime!

Tim Lin (He/Him/His)

Reader • timl.0112@

Hi! I am a third year CS and math major from Taiwan. I love desserts and good matcha! I also enjoying watching anime, baseball, and tennis in my spare time. Feel free to hmu any time and hope y’all have a fun 170 semester.