For logistics and administrative questions, please email cs170@, a private email that is only seen by the head TAs and professors. For any questions regarding DSP, please also CC kevinli35@.
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John Wright

Instructor • jswright@

Office Hours: By appointment

Prasad Raghavendra

Instructor • prasad@cs.

Office Hours: Tuesday 2:30-3:30pm


Kevin Zhu

Head TA • zhu502846@

Hi! My name is Kevin and I’m a 4th year from a suburb in Illinois near Chicago. Outside of CS nowadays I like watching Andrew Huberman’s podcast, and I’ve recently converted from League to Dota. Feel free to talk to me about anything!

Tianchen Liu

Head TA • tianchenliu@ • website

I was there. I was there when Thom Yorke recorded the vocals of Planet Telex slumped on the floor. I was there when Miles Davis wrote the chords for Kind of Blue on a sheet of napkin. I was there when Herbie laid out that fat bassline on Chameleon. I was there when the Lumière brothers invented Cinema.

Nate Young

Content TA • nateyoung@

Office Hours: Friday 3pm-6pm

I’m a 2nd-year MS student, advised by John Wawrzynek. This is my 7th and final time TAing this class. I work on FPGAs, and in my free time, I play Beat Saber. Please feel free to email me about anything! Especially talk to me if you’re interested in hardware-theory connections, griping about the state of computer science, or the fact that we live in a society.

Sharon Lee

Exam and Videos TA • sharonleesharon@

Hi hi! I’m Sharon, an EECS senior involved in computer vision and systems research. I love binging on Gossip Girl, criminal psychology documentaries, and I highly recommend watching the live version of Ari’s Save Your Tears performance on repeat <3 Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the class!

Rahul Arya

Software TA • rahularya@

Office Hours: Thursday 5pm-7pm

Hi! My name is Rahul and I’m a 4th year EECS major. Previously, I TA’d for 61A and 189 - this is my first time doing so for 170, and I’m excited to meet you all! Feel free to talk to me about research, internships, cats, or of course 170!

Param Nagda

Project TA • paramnagda@

What’s up legends, I’m an international student from Mumbai. I love memes and cookies. Come to my discussion section if you love memes and cookies. You will get new memes or cookies every week if you come to my discussion section.

Adnaan Sachidanandan

TA • adnaans@

Hi! I’ve been teaching 170 for 4 semesters and it’s one of my favorite classes at Berkeley! I want to make sure this class is one of your favorites as well! I love soccer (big Arsenal fan), making music, video games, and cars. Feel free to email me or chat after my discussion about anything for this class, or life in general :)

Andre He

TA • andre.he@

Hi! My name is Andre and I’m a second year CS major from Beijing. I enjoy skiing during the winter and play video games in my free time. I’m a huge fan of Overwatch – feel free to message me if you want to queue together!

Andrew Che

TA • andrewche@

Office Hours: Monday 11am-12pm

Hi everyone, I’m a senior studying EECS from the East Bay. In my free time I like to play poker and basketball. Wish you all good luck in the course!

Axel Li

TA •

Hello! I’m a second year EECS student with an interest in everything mathy. In my free time I like nerding out, solving puzzles, and hiking. I look forward to meeting you all!

Cindy Zhang

TA • cindyxzhang@

Office Hours: Wednesday 4pm-5pm

Hello! I’m Cindy, a fourth year CS major from Cupertino, CA. The best decision I’ve made this year was buying an annual National Park pass, so please recommend me places to go! I hope y’all have a great semester, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me about anything.

Elicia Ye

TA • eliciaye@


Eric Che

TA • ericche@

Office Hours: Monday 12pm-2pm

\o Hi! I’m a second year from Saratoga, CA studying CS. In my free time, I like to play rhythm games, cook one pot meals, lurk on r/mechmarket, and practice excerpts on my clarinet. Whatever I’m doing, I’m probably also listening to J-pop or yacht rock. I hope you have a great semester!

Jing Yi Lim

TA • jylim@

Hi everyone! I’m an EECS senior who really likes algorithms.

Kevin Li

TA • kevinli35@

Office Hours: Wednesday 12pm-1pm, Wednesday 3pm-4pm, Thursday 10am-11am

I’m a CS and philosophy major, originally from NYC. Talk to me about playing or watching tennis, yerba mate, and the (monday) crosswords. I hope you enjoy CS 170!

Lily Li

TA • lilyli@ • website

Office Hours: Wednesday 9am-11am

Hello and welcome to CS 170! I’m Lily, a fourth year Math/CS major. I’m interested in low-dimensional topology and CS theory. When I’m not grinding out psets, I enjoy playing tennis or board games with friends and hiking near waters. I also play the campanile bells. Come talk to me about song requests or anything else!

Max Emerling

TA • memerling@

What’s up y’all, this is my second semester teaching 170 and I’m hyped to meet everyone. Outside of CS, I’m big into running, biking, playing soccer, and going to EDM concerts :D

Reena Yuan

TA • reenayuan@

Office Hours: Monday 10am-11am, Thursday 2pm-4pm

Hi! I’m a 3rd year EECS major from Brookfield, Wisconsin. In my free time, I like to play tennis, cook, bake, and watch the NBA. I’ve also gotten really into Formula One recently, so talk to me about that or anything else. Excited to meet you all!

Ruomu Xu

TA • xuyimo@

Hi folks! I’m a third year Legal Studies student from Shandong, China. I am a CS:GO, osu!, and KanColle player₍₍(ง˘ω˘)ว⁾⁾, and a reader of A Certain Magical Index. I have written a truly marvellous bio that this margin is too narrow to contain.

Selina Kim

TA • selinakim@

Office Hours: Monday 4pm-7pm

Hi! I’m Selina. I enjoy listening to opera, playing go, and going to art exhibitions. I love answering questions about those nearly as much as I love answering your CS170 questions!

Tyler Hou

TA • tylerhou@

Hello! I’m a first year at Cal after having taken time off from school to work in the Bay Area. I studied Classics in high school, spent a summer excavating ancient pottery at an archælogical dig site in Greece (Mt. Lykaion), and am a tenor stuck in a baritone’s body. Reach out if you want to talk about classics, choral music, or compilers/PLs.

Tynan Sigg

TA • tsigg@

Hi! I’m Tynan, a fourth year CS student. I was once the world’s youngest person, have more arms than average, and can solve NP-complete problems with 50% probability. In my free time I can be found mountain biking, untangling qubits, playing cello, and replacing the tape in my Turing machine.

Wilson Wu

TA • nosliw@

Office Hours: Monday 2pm-3pm

Hello! I’m a 2nd year CS major from San Jose. In my free time I like climbing, lifting, stretching, and daydreaming about random situations (good or bad) which will literally never happen. I like CS theory-y things, and I really enjoyed 170 when I took it. Hopefully you will too!


Aaron Soll

Reader • aaron.zev@

Greetings algorithmists. My name is Aaron and I am a Junior studying EECS from Orlando, Florida. My interests include hiking, rock/alternative music, and playing the guitar. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any and all of your algorithmic needs!

Ajit Kadaveru

Reader • ajit.kadaveru@

Hi! I’m a sophomore CS major from Northern Virginia. My hobbies include basketball, tennis, table tennis, chess, competitive programming, and watching youtube. I hope you enjoy this amazing course at least as much as I did! Please message me about anything, even if it’s just to be friends :) !!!

Alec James

Reader • alehero@

Hi I’m Alec o/ I like food, anime, dark comedy, and games (love rhythm games) when I’m not partaking in what was aforementioned : ^) Oh and also I love algorithms! Glad to be a part of this class, hope you grow to love it too.

Allison Li

Reader • y.allisonli@

Hi! I’m a third year studying CS and Applied Math from San Jose, CA. In my free time, I enjoy going to concerts, playing viola, drinking tea, and diving into Reddit rabbit holes. I hope you have a great time in 170!

Alvin Xu

Reader • alvin.xu5745@

Hey, everybody! I’m Alvin, a sophomore EECS major originally from Houston, Texas. My interest primarily include music production/composition as well as gaming. Feel free to reach out to me about anything!

Asim Biswal

Reader • abiswal@

Hi! I’m Asim and I’m a third year EECS Major here at Berkeley. Some of my research interests include distributed systems and artificial intelligence. I’m always down to talk basketball, competitive Pokemon, or whatever else so feel free to reach out whenever:)

Catherine Hwu

Reader • hwu.catherine@

Hey y’all! I’m Catherine, a third year EECS major from San Jose, CA. In my free time, you’ll catch me touring the city on AC Transit, exploring hiking trails, watching Berkeley sunsets, and planning trips to SF. In addition to the outdoors, I also love art and photography, so hit me up with any museum or exhibit recommendations. I hope you find your time in 170 rewarding! Feel free to reach out anytime – I’m all ears! :)

Chase Norman

Reader • c_@

Hello! I am double majoring in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics with a minor in Music. I study automated reasoning and mathematical foundations and I’m a researcher in Prof. Seshia’s lab. Outside of class, I’m the president of UPE and I play percussion and piano. I like to watch YouTube and program personal projects in my free time. My goal is to build an automated theorem prover.

Chris Liu

Reader • chris-liu@

bae asmr roleplay influencer. if youre not linkedin premium dont dm me sorry i dont make the rules

Conner Manuel

Reader • manuel.conner.g@

Hey! I’m Conner, a junior studying CS and Applied Math from the Philippines. You can talk to me about design, data science, low IQ memes, one and a half hour long YouTube essays about dumb topics, and your favorite flavor combinations. Anyone can cook.

Dasheng Bi

Reader • dbi@

Hello! I’m a third-year undergrad majoring in CS, Math, and MCB. I do computational biology research in the Song lab on campus. Outside of academics, I enjoy hiking in the Berkeley hills, and am recently trying to learn to play the guqin. Welcome to CS 170!

Jonny Pei

Reader • jonnypei@

Hi! I’m a freshman studying EECS + Physics from the Bay Area. Here are some things that excite me: algorithms, machine learning, astronomy, anime, kdramas, league, water polo, weight lifting, hiking, and food (especially bananas). I can’t wait to meet you this semester, and feel free to reach out whenever!

Kevin Shi

Reader • shi504239@

Hi all! I’m a junior studying CS and Economics. I am originally from Chicago, and I love watching football and listening to music in my free time.

Luke Cao

Reader • caott0503@

Hey guys! I’m a senior studying CS and Math. I love playing soccer and video games. Hope you enjoy this course!

Michael Lam

Reader •

Hi everyone! I’m a 3rd year EECS major from Folsom, California. When I’m not stressing over schoolwork, I like to swim, read, sleep, and waste time browsing through random videos on YouTube. I really enjoyed this class when I took it, and I hope you do too! Feel free to reach out to me!

Michael Yu

Reader • michaelyu15@

Hey y’all, I’m a 2nd year CS major from Tallahassee, FL. I enjoy playing basketball, making march madness brackets, spiking with mario in SSBU, jamming out to Khalid and Gryffin, or watching anime. Currently trying to learn how to make new dishes, so hmu with your favorite dishes to cook! Definitely open to taking advice from all yall chefs

Richard Wu

Reader • richardhwu@

Hello, my name is Richard and I’m a 2nd year majoring in CS and Math. I love learning about algorithms and CS theory. Outside of CS, I love hiking, running, swimming, and just hanging out with friends.

Ryan Zhu

Reader • ryanzhu@

Heyo! I’m a second year CS major from Diamond Bar, California interested in algorithms, complexity, and linguistics. I love eating food, solving puzzles, playing rougelites, and recently learned to speak in toki pona! Looking forward to a great semester! :D

Shalin Brahmbhatt

Reader • sbrahmbhatt1@

Hey everyone, I’m a senior transfer student studying EECS and Public Policy! Super keen on using tech for social justice and algorithmic equity; also thoroughly enjoy photography, using semicolons incorrectly, and eating copious amounts of pasta : ) Originally I thought this was a class about Al Gore’s rhythm and was looking forward to a climate change rap but i was wrong

Shuming Xu

Reader • smxu@

Annyeonghaseyo! I’m a sophomore from Vancouver, Canada (and/or Montreal, LA, Oakland, China, i don’t really know tbh lol). I spend my time worshipping Tim Hortons and dreaming about maple syrup. I ride my moose to school each day and drink milk out of plastic bags. Feel free to talk to me about anything! Sorry!

Timber Lin

Reader • timber.lin@

Hey! I’m a second year CS major from Walnut Creek. I play golf, card games, and video games. Hope you enjoy CS170!

Valerie Yip

Reader • valerieyip@

Hi there! I’m a 4th year CS student from New Jersey! Outside of academia, I love trying new restaurants, swimming, and hiking. I also like playing video games :)

Vincent Lim

Reader • vincentklim@

Hello, I’m a second year CS major from the South Bay, avid cycling, basketball, and football fan, feel free to reach out if you need any help or wanna chat!